Monday, July 18, 2011

Rabbit Farming -the farming fad in Kenya

Let me interest you with what the farmers are saying out here about rabbit farming. Well they are not talking much  but rather collecting the cash to the bank They are also saying it is paying better than poultry farming. that should be the reason for you to head on to that shamba of your and do something about minting this money.

The investment in this project will be very minimal as all you need to put up is a good structure to house the rabbits and find the food. Getting food should not be hard as mama mboga will have to be your partner here and they will be glad to have someone help them dispose off the dirt even if they wont the thing is you will find food much easily if you walk to the nearest vegetable vendor.

The area required to build the house is much smaller compared to poultry. You also get more rabbitlings if there is anything like that.

Farmers that are in this field say nice  mature rabbits breeds sell  for Kshs.5,000.00 and bunnies between 2-3 months go for Kshs.3,000.00. The trick though is understanding the process of rabbit rearing from the go and not just acquiring good breeds.

The market is largely the big hotels that have of late taken up serving rabbits meals. The best way to go  about it is to establish the availability of a market before you embark on the business.

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