Sunday, August 21, 2011

Organic Fertilizer-The Answer to High Fertilizer Prices

Farmers have been grappling with high input prices over the years. Of note though has been the price of fertilizer that has been increasing each year. The fluctuating price of petrol has not helped it either as farmers have found farming costs not matching the output.
One form of fertilizer though is bound to change the setting for good if well received by farmers. Liquid organic fertilizer said to be much cheaper and good for the soil unlike the famous DAP.  Twenty liters of this fertilizer is enough to spray 5 acres of land. One liter the fertilizer goes for 300 shillings only. If you do the calculations well you will notice that 6 thousand shillings is enough to serve a whole five acres something that cannot be compared to the price of DAP.
The Auto Booster works well in all crops from wheat, maize to tea. One great advantage with this fertilizer is the fact that it does not acidify the soil like DAP or the other chemical fertilizers do. It also has fungicide effects in it as it helps crop be resistant to maize streak, plight and frost.
A total of 8 liters of the fertilizer will be enough to cover a one acre piece of land both for the initial application and top dressing.  A farmer will there need only 2,400 shillings in cost for fertilizer and they will be covered for the entire season.
The fertilizer which is extracted from plant extract is manufactured locally by Ngariet Limited.
If farmers get this new variety of fertile then we will be well on our way to solve the high food prices  we face every yea.


  1. Tell me whether this fertilizer can be suited to fish farming as we also use DAP in fertilizing fish ponds. This would sound highly welcome.

    Kindly advise before I proceed to purchase the DAP.

  2. Could I also access your contacts i.e. mobile number and physical location of your business. Your idea looks wonderful particularly if it could be used in fish farming to facilitate the blooming of planktons (both phytoplanktons and zooplanktons)without compromising aquatic life. Planktons constitute the key sources of fish feed as well as a major source of dissolved oxygen for use by aquatic animals.

    Thank you.


  3. Hi DEJE, jsut read about your interest in organic fertilizer. I'd like to introduce you to our fertilizer D.I. Grow. Read more about it here. Can be used on both plants and all animals.